To The Road

05 . 29 . 12

To Mom, Dad, Austin, Shaun, and San Diego:

je t’aime  |  je t’aimais  |  je t’aimerai

I love you (!)  |  I loved you  |  I will (always) love you


  • Cynth

    You have such a beautiful soul :) I showed my master teacher your blog today and she’s in love with it too!! Keep being amazing wherever this world takes you. Miss you already and sorry these four years ran past us like crazy. Much love.

  • Best of luck to you and Shaun! Cheers to new adventures! :)

  • congrats, friend! so thrilled for you and your new adventure. I can’t wait to hear how the new place is and all you discover in this time. You’re going to exceed all dreams you’ve thought up for yourself, I just know it. xo

  • Beautiful!
    Have an amazing trip!

  • I I hope you have a wonderful adventure!

  • Kelsey! To the road, indeed. xo

  • Safe travels on the road ahead!

  • Good luck with everything guys, I hope you find happiness and everything you seek in your new adventures!

  • Congrats, Kelsey! Enjoy every minute of it. Can’t wait to follow along with your adventures :)

  • lovely.

  • Sometimes French just says it best. Very beautiful – the pictures and the words.

  • Safe travels!! I can’t wait to read all about your wonderful adventures. You are such an inspiring person.

  • Congratulations Kelsey! Change is a wonderful wonderful thing. I have no doubt that you will embrace all the newness that is ahead of you. Looking forward to following your adventures.

  • This is sweet. Can’t wait to hear about your trip and the adventures ahead. Bon voyage!

  • Great shots. Here’s to the road.

  • Have a wonderful trip. I’ll be back to see how it goes. This is my first visit to your site, so I spent some time browsing through your earlier posts. I’m so glad I did that. You’ve created an interesting spot to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings…Mary

  • Happy trails to you and Shaun. I hope you are having the greatest adventure. If you ever find yourself in Portland, please let me know. I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee. :)

  • That’s the quote from one of Francis Cabrel’s songs that we exchanged as part of our vows years ago.
    Safe travels!

  • …and a new lovely chapter begins for a very sweet couple! Bon voyage!

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