To Cherish a Family

04 . 24 . 11

A few misty days on the Santa Cruz coast with loved ones was the needed reminder of the multitudinous blessings in my life. My mother’s compassion, my father’s understanding, and my brother’s bright spirit fill my heart with more joy than any girl should be lucky enough to experience. Saying goodbye is hard, but I know that it is because we do that we all have been able to grow and flourish as individuals.

Family can mean so many different things and take shape in so many different ways to people around the world. The nuclear family, parents and children, play a crucial role in our understanding of the title, but family can also take shape as a group of people who are generally not of blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals.

Lucky are we, the ones who have opportunity to gather with multiple families and share love and ideas and passions from different angles and perspectives. We move in and out of different groups and pollinate ideas from one unit to the next; creating this crazy cool opportunity to grow and developing the understanding of how truly connected we all truly are in this world.

Our peripheral families may come and go in life, and it is important that they do, but through it all there will be one that is constant. The kind that no matter where you are in life can hold up a mirror and say, ‘hey, this is who you are and I love you.’

For me, that family just so happens to be the one I was born into. Gratitude overwhelms me.

This morning I had the opportunity to cross paths with my brother’s college family by cooking up brunch for 15(!) to celebrate the joys of being alive. In addition to my own, I pulled new recipes from my most treasured blogs, whose authors I would like to think of as part of my food family. I added and omitted here and there, but this post is to honor the originals. Their beautiful perspectives helped create a special moment in my family’s time line that will be remembered for years to come. Please visit their sites for instructions, words of wisdom, and more.

Roost: Pumpkin Spice GranolaSprouted Kitchen: Spinach and Leek Fritatta101 Cookbooks: Orange and Oat SconesFood 52: Rosemary SkewersCookie and Kate: Perfect Fritatta, Happyolks Raspberry Scones, Happyolks Breakfast Potatoes.

Cherish your family, whatever shape it takes today.

  • Beautiful post. Thanks for your humility and insight. Can’t wait to get cookin on those recipes, too!

  • Such a lovely post. I’m glad my frittata recipe made an appearance at brunch. I bet those college boys hadn’t had such a good breakfast in years. :)

  • A lovely reminder of what’s truly important in life!

  • Love this post.
    Brunch for 15….phew!

  • Well said! I love your posts, they always give me something to think about!

  • This was a delightful read. The family shot of you and your mom is precious. I’m going to take a look at that lineup of recipe favorites!

  • I love the inspiring message of this post! I know that I sometimes take my family for granted, but when it comes down to it… they are the reason I am the way I am, so I wouldn’t change them for anything!

  • Such a great reminder for this week, when I’m so crazy, running-around busy that I forget to hug my loved ones. Thanks for sending it my way, Kelsey—and, um, brunch for that many people is seriously impressive. You’ve got skills!

  • Beautiful post!

    I am doing the bake sale and saw your email and clicked over to your site.

    Random question, where did you get your Tastespotting widget? I have a Foodgawker one I downloaded from their site but have been looking for a TS one like yours?

  • this is so beautiful, it left me a little teary-eyed. thanks for being so thoughtful and eloquent. a rare combo. i will be coming back to this post now and again to remind myself to count my blessings.

    with much admiration,

  • Amanda

    Kelsey and Pattie, that photo is wonderful. I just imagine you two walking on the beach loving the sun! We are beginning to remember what sun is, here in State College too! Miss you both and hope to see you soon.

    <3 Amanda

  • Great post and reminder to cherish what we have (sometimes taken for granted too!) :)

  • Beautifully written once again!

  • 15!! That is incredible :) Hope it went well!!

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