To Be Free

06 . 20 . 12

We’re here now. With roof, and kitchen. Community. Plans for a garden. It is a wonder to me now that we resisted the temptation to carry on as gypsies forever. The further we let ourselves drift away from the clutter and noise of reality, the more absurd the conventions of our lives always seem to appear. The open road and an empty agenda make few demands of a person — curiousity, patience, willingness, a sense of humor, maybe a toothbrush. Tall grasses, mountains, and the wind gently whisper permission to step out from the rigid set of ideas, requirements, expectations we’ve set for ourselves and make space for new truths and new understandings of what our purpose is on this planet.

It’s easy to romanticize the freedom of it all — no sense of time, place, before, or after. And it’s important. To leave, to get away, to lose oneself to it all. But I think it’s also important to come back. There is an even more profound freedom to be experienced when we recognize that we have the power to create that same sense of adventure, inhibition, and joy in our daily lives. That is my intention. To let myself be free everyday. Wherever I am, wherever I go, wherever I don’t.

Thank you for your love, kindness, and support over the past month as we’ve meandered to our new resting place here in Colorado. Cheers to the next chapter.

* Open fire scramble technique borrowed from “Cooking in the Moment” by Andrea Reusing.
* *  Video shot in our favorite parts of Alaska. For more behind the scenes action on our Alaska visit, see here
  • All I’m gonna say: glad you’re back :)

  • I echo Laura. Welcome back!

  • I’m hoping for a feature length Happyolks movie one of these days. I could wash this all day long.

    Welcome home. :-)

  • I’m glad you’re back, too.
    And this video is wonderful.

  • Wow! How inspirational and a beautiful break from the everyday just to watch that video.

  • This is MAGICAL!

  • Beautiful as always! Excited for your new home. :)

  • Love this, Kelsey.

  • Mari

    Always beautiful, inspiring, and delicious. Thank you for sharing this!

  • You guys are too cute…

  • Kris

    So glad that you’re back!

  • I can’t tell you how much I love this video and how inspiring it is. You guys are so amazing.

  • Welcome back and congrats on your new home. So happy for you!

  • Some day we will meet in person and we will have to spend that time together outside, sharing, and eating good food. So beautiful, enjoy your new town.

  • Courtney

    Such a beautiful and inspiring video. Glad you are back and looking forward to beautiful words, recipes, and photos :)

  • happy homecoming! Adventure and travel are such an important and renewing break from the everyday. And to think I didn’t like to travel when I was younger. Now I live for it. Wonderful post/video Kelsey.

  • Looks like you are in a beautiful place – enjoy the new beginnings. And I’ve never seen bacon & eggs done like that before – amazing.

  • I’m so happy for you two, Kelsey. This made my day.

  • Such a beautiful glimpse of your life!
    I’ve never seen that bbq-bag technique before. Need to try it (maybe with vegetables, fruit and cheese?).
    We wish you two the best of luck with this next chapter in life.
    Keep making those videos!

  • Amazing! Simply GRAND! So much love and joy and freedom:)

  • Laurie

    You know what this did to my heart :)’s I love you two and the adventure you are on! Cheers to your new home….and when I go to the cabin in August I’m gonna’ try the scramble. Looks delish!

  • Great video! And look at you catching that fish! Welcome home to Colorado.

  • Enjoy the journey…wherever it may take you.

  • Hi Kelsey,
    reading your words I couldn’t stop smiling. Just because I recognize what you are talking about. I love your love for life and being able to remmember to enjoy and live life at its fullest is something I really want to learn.

    The video is great, I just wanted to be there with you for a second and have a scrambled egg, too.

    Good luck!


  • Chelsea

    Speaking to my soul. Once again.

  • i love the eggs in a bag! love the sentiment, you are always so right on. happy nesting.

  • What a great video – I’m smiling really big over here. And wanting to make eggs over an open fire, too.

    So happy you two are all settled. Now, there are doors to be opened and opportunities to be explored – if I can be of any help, just let me know. So great meeting you last night, and I look forward to our get together with the boys.

  • Your words left a smiling spot in my heart :)

  • Love everything about the video, Kelsey. Happy to see you guys are settling in. It looks beautiful! Can I come visit? ;)

  • Beautiful post! And I understand, all too well, the temptation to be on the open road indefinitely. Being out in the world, sleeping outdoors, unplugging and detaching forces a new and refreshed perspective that is invaluable. Thank you for reminding all of us to invite freedom and adventure, even as we put down new roots!

  • Amy Smiles

    I could have never imagined watching a video on making bacon and eggs making me teary eyed! So out of the box and the essence of freedom!! Thank you for sharing. What camera do you have? I want one!!!

  • so much to love about this post. mostly it’s that crackly fire and almost being able to smell the woodsmoke.

  • Loved the quietness. And thanks for teaching me the trick of cooking egg and bacon together on a fire. I got to try that out.

  • anna

    Nice video. Thank you for sharing

  • Welcome home. I’m so happy for you both and excited for what comes next.

  • Love this so much. Having just spent most of the last month on the road I totally get that desire to just stay out there, floating. I haven’t reached my limit yet. Excited for your new life in Colorado.

  • This post was so touching. I’m happy you’ve made it to your new home, but even happier that you had such a wonderful experience getting there.

    The video made me smile. It reminded me of being younger and having no responsibilities or obligations.

    Thanks for a great morning read!

  • love this! open roads & quiets spaces!

  • Jennifer

    Lovely video! Thanks for sharing :)

  • What a moving little film. Love the bbq bag tip. A little genius in there. And good luck on the new chapter, it is always better than the one closed.

  • Milzy

    Great image quality, it’s beautiful to see food this way. Recipies are incredibly healthy. Thanks…keep posting

  • so i just finally got a few quiet moments to watch this.

    and i just wanted to tell you, it is lovely and beautiful.

    much like its makers.

    welcome, again, to your new home.


  • What a beautiful video. I’m happy to hear you made it to your new home.

  • Bethany

    I just found your blog through a cauliflower recipe on Pinterest. I love it! (The recipe and the blog.) your videos are beautifully done and a joy to watch. Thanks!

  • LOVE. So glad you landed in Colorado!

  • Oh beautiful lady, have a wonderful time going back. I can’t wait to see your images and food inspirations afterwards. x

  • Monica

    Wow. Just… Wow


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